Blackbrick: Empowering the Individual

Blackbrick Pty Ltd is an Australian programming and devops company. We specialise in $2k to $20k web database systems.

If your company has outgrown its homemade Excel spreadsheet or Access database, or you have a legacy PHP application, or you need a new web-based database, talk to us!

Because sometimes Excel is the right tool for the job. And sometimes it's not.

About Blackbrick

Founded in Sydney, Australia, in January 2009, by John Elliot V and Thomas Given-Wilson, Blackbrick is a technology company with two specific foci.

Blackbrick was primarily founded to develop/launch/support Personal Server technology. Personal Servers are our vision for the future and our primary focus. Personal Servers are private computer systems that provide information and services on the Internet. Essentially a platform for an individial's private and public information. Our Personal Server offerings have been under development since 2008 and we're still working on them to this day.

Because we need to pay for food and shelter while we develop our flagship technology Blackbrick moonlights as a devops company providing bespoke web and database solutions. Whenever we can we work on our Personal Server project, but on the side we provide software development and hosting solutions for business. We've developed a lot of dynamic data-driven websites for our customers.

If you're looking for software developers, web designers, database developers or are simply curious about our Personal Server technology please don't hesitate to get in contact.