Blackbrick: Empowering the Individual

Blackbrick Pty Ltd is an Australian programming and devops company. We specialise in $2k to $20k web database systems. If your company has outgrown its homemade Excel spreadsheet or Access database, or you have a legacy PHP application, or you need a new web-based database, talk to us!

Company and Mission

Blackbrick is a technology company based in the Blue Mountains, Australia. We service clients all over the world and we're here to make it a better place; please bear with us, we're busy working on it!

Blackbrick's mission statement is: to empower the individual by giving them control of their personal data.

You can read more about our company on the About Blackbrick page.



In June 2022 Blackbrick launched its new venture: OGXbox Australia.

We are now officially in the business of trading and refurbishing Original Xbox games and hardware!

The initial website went up on 22nd June, the same day we sold our first console. We have also sold a few games. Over the coming months we will learn more about how the market operates and what we can expect into the future.


Executive Contact

John Elliot V

Blackbrick's Managing Director is John Elliot V. You can contact John via email to or by telephone on +61 4 3505 7839. For general support enquiries please email John's Skype username is JohnElliotV, feel free to add him as a contact.

You can read more about John and our other people on the People Behind Blackbrick page.



Blackbrick is active in a number of communities. You can get the details on the Blackbrick Community page, but predominantly:

ProgClub: the Programmers' Club

Blackbrick proudly sponsors ProgClub, our Programmers' Club. There are a number of ProgClub projects and forums. ProgClub provides the infrastructure for most of Blackbrick's open-source/free-software computer programming projects.

ProgClub Glider


Personal Server

See the Blackbrick Projects page for details, briefly: