Blackbrick: Empowering the Individual

Blackbrick Pty Ltd is an Australian programming and devops company. We specialise in $2k to $20k web database systems.

If your company has outgrown its homemade Excel spreadsheet or Access database, or you have a legacy PHP application, or you need a new web-based database, talk to us!

Because sometimes Excel is the right tool for the job. And sometimes it's not.

People Behind Blackbrick

John Elliot V: Managing Director and Chief Architect

John Elliot V

Blackbrick's Managing Director and Chief Architect is John Elliot V. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations and associated paperwork; John provides Software Architecture, Project Management, and Design/Development services.

John has been building information systems across diverse platforms for over 25 years. You can contact John via email to or by telephone on +61 4 3505 7839. For general support enquiries please email John's Skype username is "JohnElliotV", feel free to add him as a contact.

Thomas Given-Wilson: Founding Director and Senior Architect

Thomas Given-Wilson

Thomas spent five years working in systems and network administration and architecture before returning to university full time. After completing a PhD in the theory of computation, concurrency, and programming languages, Thomas worked for NICTA developing static analysis tools. Thomas now works for INRIA in formalising and reasoning about the privacy and security of systems. You can contact Thomas via email to

Justin Steward: Software Engineer and Systems Administrator

Justin Steward

Justin Steward helps with Software Development and Systems Administration. Justin has spent the past 5 years working as a jack-of-all-trades in the web hosting and development game, building his skills writing PHP and python for the web, providing tech support, and maintaining and automating systems. In addition, Justin has been heavily involved in a number of projects integrating SAML-based single sign on solutions and deploying Google Apps for Australian private schools. You can contact Justin via email to

Adriano Di Palma: Web Developer and Usability Expert

Adriano Di Palma

Adriano Di Palma is our go-to man for Front-End Web Development. Adriano is web developer and designer turned online marketer. Studying Design Computing and working alongside John as a Multimedia Designer, he honed his skills in PHP, HTML, CSS & Content Management Systems.

Adriano has always taken an avid interest in user interaction, and has recently branched out into online marketing where he draws upon his past web development skills.

Adriano has assisted with the graphic design, web design and PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript programming needs of Blackbrick. You can contact Adriano via email to