Blackbrick: Empowering the Individual

Blackbrick Pty Ltd is an Australian programming and devops company. We specialise in $2k to $20k web database systems.

If your company has outgrown its homemade Excel spreadsheet or Access database, or you have a legacy PHP application, or you need a new web-based database, talk to us!

Because sometimes Excel is the right tool for the job. And sometimes it's not.

Blackbrick Projects

Blackbrick manages the following projects:

Web Standards

In an effort to be valuable web citizens Blackbrick has been involved in the development of a number of web standards:

SAK2014: Standard Access Keys for Web Pages

SAK2014 is a specification for standard access keys for web pages. That means a consistent user experience for shortcut keys across participating websites.

BICC Scheme: the Blackbrick Input Color Coding Scheme

The BICC Scheme is Blackbrick's Input Color Coding Scheme for web forms, a specification for coloring HTML input elements in web forms to indicate the validity and publication status of the users' data.

Network Provider Pledge

The Network Provider Pledge is a pledge to make the web private. The idea is that network operators can make a promise about how they will and/or won't process/record your data so as to provide the best privacy outcomes for individuals.

ProgClub Projects

Most of Blackbrick's open-source/free-software projects are hosted at ProgClub. If you're interested in the free software we've developed you might like to peruse the ProgClub projects. We're particularly proud of:

JsPHP: the PHP API in JavaScript

The JsPHP system provides the PHP API in a JavaScript library and a web-based IDE for developing, testing, and maintaining that library.

Pccipher: Blowfish Encryption for PHP and JavaScript

Pccipher is a PHP/JavaScript compatible encryption library implementing the Blowfish algorithm. We are honored to be listed on Bruce Schneier's website.