Blackbrick: Empowering the Individual

Blackbrick Pty Ltd is an Australian programming and devops company. We specialise in $2k to $20k web database systems.

If your company has outgrown its homemade Excel spreadsheet or Access database, or you have a legacy PHP application, or you need a new web-based database, talk to us!

Because sometimes Excel is the right tool for the job. And sometimes it's not.

Company and Mission

Blackbrick is a technology company based in the Blue Mountains, Australia. We service clients all over the world and we're here to make it a better place; please bear with us, we're busy working on it!

Blackbrick's mission statement is: to empower the individual by giving them control of their personal data.

You can read more about our company on the About Blackbrick page.


Executive Contact

John Elliot V

Blackbrick's Managing Director is John Elliot V. You can contact John via email to or by telephone on +61 4 3505 7839. For general support enquiries please email John's Skype username is JohnElliotV, feel free to add him as a contact.

You can read more about John and our other people on the People Behind Blackbrick page.



Blackbrick is active in a number of communities. You can get the details on the Blackbrick Community page, but predominantly:

ProgClub: the Programmers' Club

Blackbrick proudly sponsors ProgClub, our Programmers' Club. There are a number of ProgClub projects and forums. ProgClub provides the infrastructure for most of Blackbrick's open-source/free-software computer programming projects.

ProgClub Glider


Personal Server

See the Blackbrick Projects page for details, briefly: